The coolest union on earth!

We’ve been representing theatre workers in Toronto since 1898.  After film was invented, and then television, we expanded our tent to include those workers as well.  Most unions have made the decision to represent workers in all sorts of jobs beyond where their unions began.  The IATSE never has.  We represent only those workers employed by the entertainment sector.  This ensures that there is a commonality and shared experience with all our members.  We understand what you do, because it’s ALL that we do.

The IATSE has 140,000 members across North America.  In Canada, we’ve got 24,000 members.  We’re small in terms of general unions, but huge in terms of entertainment unions.  We’re broken down into different branches, or what we call “locals,” by geographic and craft jurisdiction. 

Other IATSE Locals in Toronto

You already know that a lot of the people you work with are IATSE members.  Here are the locals that they belong to:

IATSE Local 58 (stagehands)

IATSE Local 822 (hair/makeup/wardrobe for theatre)

IATSE Local 828 (scenic artists and prop builders for theatre)

The IATSE also represents workers in Toronto in film & television.  These locals are:

IATSE Local 411 (production coordinators/honeywagon operators/craftservice providers)

IATSE Local 667 (cinematographers and publicists)

IATSE Local 873 (film technicians)